Squid Game NFT
Ultimate Collection
Dear NFT Art Collector,

welcome to the most comprehensive Squid Game NFT collection in the world.

Original digital art style, extreme accuracy in reflection of characters and objects are the hallmarks of the collection. Every Player, VIP, Staff and Significant Item are precisely captured just like they appeared. All of that makes each and every piece the most valuable non-fungible Squid Game collection ever created.

The best part — this is just the beginning. First out of ten NFT collections released by The Chain Architect.

Millions fans all around the world.
And only 500 collection pieces
Every single one of them. From 001 to 456. No exceptions.
Each one is listed in a suit and a luxury robe. Drawn exclusively on a dark background.
Recruiter. Frontman. Guards. Host. And the good guy — Sneaky Cop.
Crazy Doll. Piggy Bank. Phone. Honeycombs. Last Marble. And much more.
Comprehensive Attention to Detail

Emotions, special moments and expressions are locked in the representation of each character because this is what truly matters. The whole collection is digitally hand drawn from scratch in the signature art style of The Chain Architect.

Rarity Rankings

Whichever artwork you choose, its absolutely unique. Every single piece out of 500 has its unique characteristics, such as Class, Gender, Level, Outcome, and more.
The works of The Chain Architect found its places in collections of such distinguished NFT Community leaders as Farokh, Andrew Wang, RealMissNFT, DCInvestor, Punk4156, and more, and got a lot of positive feedback from the leading influencers.
Trusted by NFT Community Leaders



Andrew Wang

Real Miss NFT

@CryptoPunks Instagram Account
The Meta Island
#1. What happens in The Meta Island, stays in The Meta Island. If you talk about what is going on there, you will be terminated from the Club forever.

The Meta Island will be open for members once all auctions of the collection are closed.

There are 3 things you should know:
#2. Every owner of the Squid Game NFT Collection is equal in The Meta Island.

#3. Members of The Meta Island will participate in collective decisions. 1 collection piece = 1 vote. You can cooperate with others to gain influence or get more tokens and make votes alone. Will you enjoy stay there or hate it? It depends on how many tokens or/and allies you have.

All the holders of the Squid Game Collection by The Chain Architect pieces will be allowed to join the exclusive private Club — The Meta Island. Presence in the Club will change the way you perceive reality forever.

SQUID GAME NFT Collection is the foundation for everything that will be released by The Chain Architect in the next 3 years.

Token owners will have priority access to utilities, metaverse, private club and most important — exclusive access to 9 more collections by The Chain Architect.
- Hand-drawing of the entire collection
- Original show release — NFT collection idea is born
- Original show research
-Sales launch
-Live Auction for the most rare collection pieces

- Minting in OpenSea
- Developing rarity rankings
- Media presence: launch of the website, Discord community, Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok

-Community building
-Community giveaways
-Shoutouts from leading NFT community Influencers

- New collection announcement — 2nd out of 10 (coming soon)


-The Meta Island launch

Pricing and Sales

Prices start at 0.11 ETH.

Offers that have been placed before sale launch and are higher than the listing price will be automatically accepted during launch.

Ultra Rare Pieces will be listed on a live auction with a starting bid of 0.11 ETH and will be sold to the highest bidder.

Join The Community And Win a Squiddie

You can win: Crazy Doll | Honeycomb | Guard | Doctor | Bear VIP | Last Marble | 11 Players who were eliminated in the Glass Stepping Stones Game | Married couple (069 & 070) | Player 007.

To enter:
1. Join Discord
2. Follow Twitter
3. Like and share the Giveaway Tweet

You're in!
20 Super Rare class SQUID GAME NFTs at stake, valued 0.25 ETH each
Increase your chances to win:
- Like at least 5 NFTs currently listed in the Collection
- Follow Instagram
- Like and share Giveaway Post to your Instagram Stories

All social media activity (likes, follows, reposts, shares) will be used to select winners. The more active you are around the platforms = the more chances to win.

Comment About Squid Game Crypto Scam
We’re aware of the rug pull with SQUID cryptocurrency that occurred in early November 2021.

The Chain Architect’s team is not affiliated with the cryptocurrency, and deeply sorry for all victims of this scam. Check the full statement to find out more.

Collection 2 out of 10
Who is The Chain Architect?

To really get to know the artist, let his collections speak on his behalf.

Most important details of The Chain Architect’s personality and appearance will be revealed after the drop of collections, one detail per collection.

10 collections. 10 details about the artist.

Join community and learn the first detail soon.