The Chain Architect's Сomment About Squid Game Crypto Scam
We’re aware of the rug pull with SQUID cryptocurrency that occurred in early November 2021.

The Chain Architect’s team is not in any way affiliated with the cryptocurrency, and deeply sorry for all victims of this scam. That includes us - since that unfortunate event provoked prejudice towards our project, before we even started promoting it.

September 17th
Original show release.

September 25th - November 2nd
The NFT Collection idea was born.
Test design of one of the players (turned out pretty cool). After that we went full steam on the project. Massive amount of time and energy is being invested into analysis of the show (discovering each player, items, etc.) and design process is going non-stop with no days off.

November 2nd
Rug pull happened.
We were faced with a very difficult decision on what to do next. Keep on going or quit at 40% of the collection being ready. As you can see we chose the first option. As great show fans our goal is to create a community of like-minded people who will enjoy being part of the Squid Game NFT club.

We put our hearts and souls into the collection and were confident that Squid Game fans will admire it, and won’t associate us with the scammers who used the name of the show to take advantage of the community.

November 24th
We launched the HALL OF FAME collection with shoutouts to NFT community leaders. Our first works found their places in the collections of Andrew Wang, Farokh, RealMissNFT, DCInvestor, Punk4156 and many other distinguished NFT influencers, and got super positive feedback from them! We proudly list it in our Discord channel.

December 4th
@CryptoPunks Instagram account follows us and features our collection in its stories! NFT social media influencers like WebDevGeo, MrFungible, NFTEducation, and others reviewed our collection and spread the word about it to thousands of NFT enthusiasts!

We’re here.
Fighting all the negative feedback brought on us by other people's actions.
But that’s ok! Because we’re here to stay, to grow, to develop, to bring new people aboard the NFT boat, to create, to educate and grow together.

As of now, we turned 90% of our roadmap into reality, exactly as we planned it.

Here is a little timeline of the events:
Now, we have even bigger plans to:

1. Reinvest sales earnings into community expansion and development.
2. Launch The Meta Island Utilities — the exclusive club for the token holders.
3. Launch NFT Education Branch - make it easier for new people to get into the NFT space.
4. Announce the 2nd of 10 collections by The Chain Architect.

We’re confident as never before that the value of our work will keep being appreciated because of the standards we set for ourselves and, “spoiler alert”, there is so much more cooking in the oven and so much more coming. Keep an eye on us.

We’re fans who made a great project for other fans like us.